Giving Good Team Member Feedback

If you are like most people in business, you have heard enough “team” that you never want to hear it again.

“There is no I in team” but there is “eat” and there is “me” and put the two together and you find what most people feel about team and team meetings.

There are a few things that will make your team and team member feedback a working reality instead of an awful chore.

This is not your team, it is our team

If you come to a team meeting with a preset notion that you are going to have everything your way, you should just stay out of the meeting. Flippantly changing things as a power-move just makes team meetings last longer and accomplish less.

The idea of a team meeting is to accomplish a well-defined goal in a short period of time.

If you cannot listen at least learn to shut up

Giving good team member feedback means you know how to listen. Some people call this active listening.

You listen with your eyes and your ears. Look at what a person’s facial expressions and body language are saying about the words they are saying. These cues give you the real down low on whether the person talking really means what they're saying or are just talking to impress your boss or just to waste time.

If you really have nothing to say that is constructive and pertinent to the real issue at hand, then by all means keep silent.

Not talking can be a form of tacit agreement so if you do not agree speak up, but if you do agree most people will see that from your face and body.


If you expect respect, show respect.

Good team member feedback implies respect for the person you are giving feedback to.

Think before you talk

Ask yourself how you would feel if you received the feedback that you are thinking of giving another person.

Couch you feedback in expressions and words that are as polite and positive as possible while still directly and emphatically carrying the message you wish to convey to a team member.

Teams are for conversation. The idea that you should praise openly and criticize in private has no place in a team atmosphere.

One great way to get feedback is using our team member feedback survey template!