Introducing PopSurvey

When was the last time you said to yourself "Wow! A survey!"?


We've been conditioned since middle school to hate surveys. A survey is just the same thing as an exam but with less guessing and no grade at the end to feel bad about. But you're still doing the same thing - staring at a list of long, boring questions with answers that look like they were designed in North Korea.

As businesses, we need feedback from customers, employees, and prospects. So what do we do? We send the same old ugly survey with horrible designs and excessive questions and HOPE we're lucky enough that a few people are in the right kind of mood to take it.

And that, my friends, is a crappy industry.

So just like we unsucked the phone system industry back in 2003 with Grasshopper, we decided to unsuck the survey industry with PopSurvey.

We designed PopSurvey for people who love design; for those of us with limited time; those of us with short attention spans; those of us who'd be happy to share our feedback with companies we love but that respect our time. And finally, for us entrepreneurs who invest so much into our brands and customer experience but then get embarrassed when having to send an ugly survey to our beloved customers.

Sign up free and try it for your business. Send a PopSurvey and let us know what you and your customers think.