New Feature: Survey Templates

One of our major goals here at PopSurvey is to make the creation of surveys as simple as possible.

We've done this already with our Survey Editor that's the easiest to use in the industry. And today we've taken another step towards our goal with the launch of our Free Survey Templates.

Today we launched with 10 templates across three categories: Product Development, Human Resources and Events.

These templates can be used "out of the box" without changing a single thing (allowing you to create and publish a survey in literally a few seconds) or they can be completely customized with additional questions, theme changes and more.

In the coming weeks we will expand both the templates available as well as categories. We'll also have templates created by industry leaders and market research experts, which is something we're super excited about.

So, go check out the survey templates we've got and let us know if there are any others you'd like to see! Enjoy!