New Feature: Variables

We've just launched a new feature called Variables!

Variables let you pass bits of data about the survey taker through the survey URL. The typical use case for this is passing some sort of identifier like an email address.

Previously, if you wanted to associate a particular response to a user, you would need to add a Form question to your survey and ask them for their name, email address, username, etc. Now, you can do that through the survey URL!


When you add the variable to the URL, it automatically gets saved with their response. You can then view it in the Responses area of your survey as well as in the CSV export of your survey responses. You can pass up to 3 variables (i, i2 and i3) in the URL.

Example using all 3 variables:

Along with the release of this new feature, we're also making some additional survey taker data available: Device, Operating System and Browser.

All of this available to users on Premium and higher plans. Enjoy!