New Templates from Mike McDerment, Rob Walling, Ruben Gamez and Sarah Hatter

From day one we've provided survey templates as a way to help you get started sending out great surveys. We've recently started adding survey templates created by "influencers" in various industries who have some perspective and experience surveying their customers.

Today, we've added four new ones by some great folks!

Market Research 101 by Mike McDerment, CEO of FreshBooks

When starting a new business, it's important to validate your idea as quickly as possible. Even if you haven't been out in the proverbial wild for that long, your customers will likely already have invaluable feedback for you about the pain points you are (or aren't) solving for them.

Using our Market Research 101 template, you can survey users and find out how well you're doing with both solving the issues they're having as well as if you're marketing your product correctly.

Feedback for Add-On Product/Service by Rob Walling of HitTail, Drip and more...

If you sell any type of add-on or upgrade to a product or service, you need to know if your customers are happy with their purchase. This survey, put together by startup maven Rob Walling, will help you hone in on exactly what you're doing right or wrong with your add-on.

Pre-Proposal Survey by Ruben Gamez, Founder of BidSketch

Whether you freelance on the side or run a full-fledged consultancy, it's absolutely important that you know what your client wants before you start. This survey template, put together by Ruben Gamez (who knows more than most of us ever want to about putting together proposals), will help you get to the core of what a potential client wants before you get too far in and realized you weren't on the same page.

Support Followup by Sarah Hatter, Chief Awesome Lady of CoSupport

Customer support is ultimately about making sure your customers are happy. Finding out if you and your staff are doing a good job now is a great way to ensure the future happiness of those customers. Created by the queen of customer support, Sarah Hatter of CoSupport, this template will help you quickly figure out how you're doing and where you could improve.

Check those out, give them a try and let us know what you think!