PopSurvey is 40% Faster Than SurveyMonkey

It's been exactly one month since we launched PopSurvey. Though it's only been available for use by the public for a month, we've been working on it for the better part of a year.

The more we iterated on the design and user experience, the more we've felt like creating a survey with PopSurvey had to be faster than the other options in the market.

Today we have quantifiable proof.

We recently ran a series of usability tests to compare how much faster users could create a survey with PopSurvey versus SurveyMonkey. We did our best to provide the users specific parameters (types of questions to add, the number of questions, the options to add) so we could get a fairly accurate comparison. The users also had never used either service.

Our results? It took users 60% more time to create a SurveyMonkey survey. On average it took 9 minutes and 12 seconds to create a 5 question survey with SurveyMonkey.

To create that same survey on PopSurvey only took 5 minutes and 46 seconds.

SurveyMonkey Fastest Time: 4:54
PopSurvey Fastest Time: 3:07

SurveyMonkey Slowest Time: 14:55
PopSurvey Slowest Time: 7:24

We also asked users which survey creation tool they found easier to use. Here are some highlights from that feedback...

[PopSurvey] felt more comfortable, less intimidating, faster, more intuitive.
PopSurvey is easier because it has less distraction during the survey creation process in comparison with SurveyMonkey.
PopSurvey is much easier and faster to use. Users can focus more on the questions rather than the planning of the survey as they can visually see their survey come to life in front of their eyes. It takes the guess work out of the type of questions or outcome users may want to use.
...the whole process was just simpler and flowed with PopSurvey.
For me, PopSurvey felt much easier and enjoyable to use. I really enjoyed how I felt like I was, moment-to-moment, creating my survey and visualizing exactly how it would look. A significantly superior interface.

If you haven't already, I encourage you to take the test for yourself. Go try out SurveyMonkey and then give PopSurvey a try. We really think you'll enjoy the PopSurvey experience much, much more.