PopSurveys on iPhone and Android

Until today, the experience of taking a PopSurvey on your iPhone or Android left a little to be desired.

But I'm happy to announce that today the experience is just as great (if not better) than taking a PopSurvey in a full-size browser!

Now, whenever you open a PopSurvey on your iPhone or Android device, you'll see an optimized version of your survey that's super fast and easy to take. And there's no need to apply some new mobile theme to your survey like our competitors...it just works.

Make no mistake, it's not a dumbed down version. They look great and the user experience is fantastic, they're just much easier to take with a single finger so your users can fly through the survey.

I put together a quick demo video showing you how it works.

Mobile surveys just got VERY easy. Hope you enjoy!