Increase Effectiveness With Training Feedback Surveys

Taking online training courses seems par for the course when you are part of a company, business or corporation. The training courses themselves run the gamut from informative to obvious which means they could be vital in teaching new ideas and techniques to an absolute waste of time.

For your business, gauging the effectiveness of online training sessions can be difficult without the proper feedback of your employees. This is where training feedback survey templates can be quite valuable in understanding how those who experience the training sessions understand and execute the lessons learned in the courses.

Training feedback survey templates are very simple to use, take only a minute or two for your employees to fill out and can provide the information you need to accurately understand the effectiveness of the training sessions versus the time employees have allotted to watching them and thus, missing out on doing their normal work.

Consider for a moment how people generally react to online training sessions. They pay attention, perhaps note a few items that they didn’t know before and then they are done with it. Depending on the information provided, the effectiveness of even the best online training videos may not be known for months. However, incorporating a training feedback survey that’s easy to fill out, you can get a real idea of just how effective the training session has been. In fact, here are a few good questions that a training feedback survey template can answer for you.

What information was not needed?

While understanding the positive effects of a training session may not show itself in your workplace for a period of time, those who take a training session can quickly identify what information was already known or not applicable to their jobs. For example, a training session on customer service would not apply to those who never meet with customers, such as those that transport goods and the like.

What information was obvious?

Practically all training session videos contain information that seems quite obvious, but what may be obvious to you may not be so for other employees. Here is where the training feedback survey can really shine when polling employees about what information was obvious or redundant. You may find that what was perfectly obvious to you was not true for many of your employees and conversely some information you thought was insightful was instead obvious to everyone else. By cutting out the obvious information from your next training session, you increase the effectiveness of what is being taught.

What information was helpful?

Here is where your employees can identify information that they deemed instructive or helpful, which is usually information that they didn’t know before. A new technique that reduces the time spent on a project is a good example. Another is a phrase or approach that is helpful in working with customers over the phone. While the overall effectiveness of the helpful information may or may not pan out over time, you will at least get a good idea of what your employees learned.

A good training feedback survey will provide valuable information on what your employees got out of the lessons taught and help increase the effectiveness of new training sessions in the future.