Why Won't Anyone Answer My Surveys?

So you've got this great survey chock full of great questions and now you're waiting for the responses to roll in. And waiting. As the survey collects digital dust, it's time to take a look at it through the eyes of those you've invited to answer it.

You want to craft your survey in such a way that people will want to take it. Ask yourself: Why would I take this survey? Or, conversely, why should I care? If you can't answer these questions, chances are your potential survey takers can't either.

Keep the wording in survey questions simple and easily understandable. We recommend writing your questions so that the reader can grasp what you want to know without having to read the question a second time.

Another thing that may hamper survey responses is if you didn't send out an invitation. Instead of simply posting a URL and waiting for the responses, you have to actively go out and invite people. And in that invitation, telling survey participants how the collection information will be used and how much you appreciate them will help up your survey participation rate.

Something else that works is an incentive, something more than the gratification of finishing a survey and helping a favorite business. Coupons for discounts, giveaways or even an entry for a prize drawing after completing the survey are all ways to keep participants interested.

Also take a look at how you sent the survey invitation. You can create urgency in your survey invitation by encouraging them to take the survey now. Set a deadline to minimize procrastination and let the potential survey takers know how long it should take to finish the survey.

Get the word out about the survey through email, social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and add the survey link to your website or blog.

While it will take a different way of thinking about surveys, keeping the participants in mind and reaching out to potential survey takers could save you frustration and get the response rate you're looking for.