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At the end of a business event, we know how important it is for you to be able to evaluate which parts of it went well, and which parts didn't. Whether you ran a conference, a party, a fundraiser, a dinner or a workshop, a post event evaluation is vital if you want to build on what you've learnt and make sure each event is better than the last.

When you look back on previous events, there'll be many aspects that you'll be able to self-evaluate. You'll have stats such as ticket sales and in-event purchases to help you do this, as well as your own experience of the event. However, to get a true picture of how successful it was, this isn't enough. For the best results you need to get your post event evaluation straight from the people who matter: the attendees.

One of the best ways to get this vital feedback is by putting together a post event survey. No matter what kind of event you were running or how many guests were in attendance, a survey can be sent out after an event quickly and easily online. You'll be able to develop a survey that will enable you to receive feedback on all aspects of your event, as well as to throw in a reminder that there'll be another one soon. The best time to do this is usually in the couple of days following the event when the details are still fresh in everyone's mind.

A post event survey is a brilliant way for your attendees to be able to share their comments on your event. You'll probably find that many of them are really keen to tell you what they thought, and to offer suggestions on what could be different next time. A survey like this can help you to determine which parts of the event were roaring successes, and which need a little more thought for next time.

You may find that your attendees thought that the venue was brilliant, but the schedule was a bit disorganized. You may find that the compere was really great, but the lack of free parking was off-putting. Whatever your post event survey helps you to discover, the results will put you well on your way to making your next event even more of a success.