Buzzmarketing Product Feedback Template

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Buzzmarketing Product Feedback Survey

In Buzzmarketing, Mark Hughes argues there are only two product survey questions you need to ask when getting product feedback.

"How did you first hear about us?" This tracks word-of-mouth percentage and marketing effectiveness.

"Would you go out of your way to recommend our product to a friend?" Notice the "go out of your way" bit. This subtle but important distinction measures customer evangelism...or buzz.

Additional Reading on Buzzmarketing Product Feedback

When a business provides products to their customers, sometimes it can be hard to find out what the customer thinks about the product and how it can be improved. However, by using specific product survey questions, your business is able to get a front row seat into the views, opinions and suggestions of customers to improve not only the products, but the business as well. Your products are basically your businesses foundation; they provide the revenue to keep it running and to grow, and if they are up to a level of quality that your customers need and want, your business could suffer greatly in your both public reputation and in your profits. With the use of a product survey template you can pinpoint the problems in products, expound on the aspects of them that are successful and understand the minute details that customers believe could be improved on.

Product surveys allow your business to get to the heart of your products and ensure that they are successful, profitable and interesting your customers. Products that fail to be successful, profitable and interesting prove to be a loss for the business, destabilizing the carefully balanced profit margins of the business. By using product survey questions and templates you can find out the perceptions of the products from the people who use them most: the customers…and by doing so you are able to ensure that those products and your business are successful for years to come.